Y’all Be Careful Out There!

Y’all Be Careful Out There!

It’s “Bike To Work Day”, part of May being Bicycle Month. I have shown property once or twice on bike to buyers who ride. That was fun. Pine Mountain has great places to ride and someday there will be a paved trail devoted to bikes and pedestrians beginning in town and going south through the county along the former railroad line. That will be great for tourism and cyclist safety. I don’t see as many cyclists on the roads as I used to. I suppose because there are just too many distracted drivers and in a fight between a bike and a car….the car wins.

I was invited to a traffic safety training meeting yesterday hosted by our Pine Mountain Police Department and attended by several area law enforcement men and women. (They gave me a really cool pin). They work hard to keep us safe on the roads and we can help them by not driving like knuckleheads.

The officer who represented the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety said last year there were over 1000 deaths on Georgia roads. Three-quarters of those deaths were due to CHOICES the driver made…from speeding, being impaired by drugs or alcohol or distracted driving. Think about it. A driver makes a choice to speed, to drink and drive and look down at that phone instead of the road. Remember when you used to be able to meet the eyes of a driver that was approaching from the opposite direction? Seeing more “eyelids” now? Oh the tops of heads? Drivers who don’t even try to hide the fact that they are looking down at a phone? And the ones who blatantly prop the phone on the top of the steering wheel and drive with their wrists?!

Just this morning as I was beginning this post, Shannan called to say she had just witnessed a terrible wreck on the interstate. She was so close she is lucky to not have been involved. It was raining and apparently one driver hydroplaned and hit a semi. Probably going too fast for conditions. There were no serious injuries, thank goodness.

I’ve been guilty of driving like a knucklehead, and after hearing those statistics last night I pledge to do better. Realtors…we are answering phones, checking maps, juggling appointments…..calling sellers…..too much going on in those cars! Best to plan ahead, get the map ready and keep eyes on the road.

Consider the feeling of being the cause of a traffic death because of a choice you made. What you wouldn’t give in that situation to back up and make a better choice.
Today is the last day of school in Harris County and tomorrow is graduation. Congratulations to our graduates and to the teachers, staff and bus drivers who made it through the year! We salute you! Have a safe summer and don’t drive like a knucklehead!