Listing Fit for a King and Queen!

Listing Fit for a King and Queen!

Real estate is my business and today I want to introduce an exclusive listing that will certainly go down in history. In the suburbs of a lovely city, with garden views which once featured a chess game using humans as pieces, (thank goodness for serfs), at slightly over 721,182 square feet, this cottage has almost everything, unless you’re the buyer who just cannot be satisfied. (You know who you are, darlings)


For the pious owner, there is a private chapel, (Priest optional), and for the fan of music, an opera house which has wonderful acoustics and can seat 250 of your best friends. This gem features his and hers “apartments” which include the Queens Grand Apartment, composed of Chamber, toilette and alcove. A unique feature is an escape route in case of bothersome rioters, and a dozen small rooms reserved for private life and servants.

Your friends will be so jealous they will want to cut their own heads off!

The Kings interior apartment includes a bed chamber, dressing room, clock room, “pet area”, for his favorite dogs and valets. By the way, valets are the new “must have” for the upscale homeowner. Post-hunt dinner will be enjoyed in the dining room which has private kitchens, and can squeeze in 250 or so for dinner.
Opera House-Modified
Interesting history; signed here were the Treaty of Paris, ending the American Revolution (Home of the Free and Brave!) and the Treaty of Versailles, which, thankfully, ended the First World War.

Comps are few, but lovely buyers, this makes Downton Abby look like a salt box. A steal at $3 Billion. Get in while rates are low! Call me for a private showing. If today, on this first day of April, if you are in the market for something palatial, call me!