What is this?

What is this?

My daddy, the late Robert L. “Mr. R.L.” Myhand, found value, present or potential, in things that, if not for his vision, would have been sent to the dump. In other words, he didn’t throw away anything. ANYTHING. I’m glad he appreciated the finer things in life. I just wish he would have lived long enough to make use of all the things he saved. My son Thad is having a time organizing his granddaddy’s shop. When his brother Chris moves back home they will enjoy many years in their Granddaddy’s den. What I wouldn’t give for him to still be here with them sawing and hammering, building just all the things you can imagine.

On “throw-back-Thursday” I shared a photo of the old metal “Hoover for President” sign that he found under an old house around here, probably mine. There are a couple other items that I have but I don’t know their origin or use. Actually it’s different versions of the same item from the days when Pine Mountain was known as Chipley, Ga.

They appear to be something one could mount to a mail box or car bumper. Could they have been sold as a fund-raiser or used to display community pride? I’ve asked several folks, but so far, no one seems to know what exactly they were used for. Nowadays something like this would be made of plastic and not worth keeping after the intended use was over. I hope someone will read this post and tell me what these items were for.

I’m thankful my daddy saw fit to save them.

Today I listed for sale a beautiful old home just up the road on Hubert Russell Road. It still has its original heart pine floors, bead-board paneling, wavy float glass windows, wonderfully high ceilings and was the community’s polling place for many years. The owner found an old document pertaining to one of the elections and has had it framed and preserved by Cat’s Meow in Pine Mountain. Perhaps someone voted for Hoover in that old house!