Tammy’s Three Tips for Fewer Days on the Market

Tammy’s Three Tips for Fewer Days on the Market

Congratulations for taking the big step of putting your home on the market. Your agent has committed herself to selling your house as quickly as possible at the best possible price, so here are a few tips I’ve found helpful to reach this goal.

1. Price your house correctly from the start by focusing on the latest comparable sold properties. Facts are the antidote to the emotion you may feel if the price you had envisioned does not match the one reflected by the market. In most cases, the sale will be contingent on the agreed upon price appraising. The appraiser will be looking at the same comparable sales that your agent used to price your house. Don’t waste time with an unreasonably high price thinking that you can “always come down”. You may waste an opportunity to receive an offer because most buyers won’t lowball for fear of offending the seller.

2. Be accessible. Make every effort to have your home available to buyers. Stay focused on the goal of selling your house. It is not always possible to have your home ready at a moment’s notice for showings, but agents are busy, and when we have an out-of-town client or a limited time frame, making a buyer wait until another day can be detrimental to your goal. Don’t be a “helicopter seller” hovering around the buyer. If you are worried about personal possessions, remove or secure them and let your agent or the selling agent get on with showing your property.

3. Begin thinking of it as your house and no longer your home. As you have heard before, put away the personal pictures and objects because they really pull the buyer’s focus from your house. Seriously consider hiring a staging professional to make your home appear more neutral and attractive to the general and largest market. You may have spent years decorating your house to convey your personal taste, but what if that is a turn-off to buyers?

Two photographs below of the same kitchen are taken at a slightly different angle withe the same cabinets and appliances but the busy wall paper and curtains, although lovely, distract from the features of the room. The same is true for family photos and other personal objects. Keeping a house “show ready” is a job! Let’s try to keep those days on market to a minimum.

Before-With WallpaperAfter-Without Wallpaper