Who Moved my Town?

In 1879, as it made its way north through Harris County little by little, the “Columbus and Rome” railroad reached a temporary stopping point one mile south of the town of Chipley, presently known as Pine Mountain.  Almost immediately a settlement grew up around it and was named “Hood”.  Sometimes referred to has “Old Hood”, it was a quite a “live spot” according to some historic accounts, rivaling wide open mining camps in its “sportiness”.

Shortly thereafter, three years to be exact, the land on which Hood sat was discovered to have defective title.  By then the railroad had moved forward another mile and a new settlement arose, named after W. D. Chipley, promoter of the railroad.   Several of the businessmen of Hood moved homes, business houses or both and so Chipley started to grow, many decades later to be renamed Pine Mountain.  “Hood” young or old, sat approximately where Chipley Village is now.  Very important to make sure you have clean title to your property!

Front View

404 Chipley St., Pine Mountain, GA 31822Pi

One of the houses that was moved from Hood belonged to J. W. Caldwell, appointed railroad agent in 1894, and serving Chipley many years Mayor.  After the great cyclone of 1908 destroyed much of the town, the Caldwell home was moved in 1910 to its present location, where else but Chipley Street, and has undergone a total renovation.